P. Claire Dodson
Updated February 18, 2017
ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images

Betty White, Beatrice Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty brought us the charming, hilarious, and entirely unique world of The Golden Girls, a 1980s sitcom that instantly became a classic. Now, we know that it’s precisely that inimitable nature that will keep us from ever getting a reboot of the show.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show creator Susan Harris weighed in on the future of The Golden Girls. “They’ve wanted to do Golden Girls the Musical and re-do Golden Girls, and we’ve always said no because Golden Girls would not be Golden Girls without that cast,” Harris says, which, honestly, is totally fair. In fact, once they tried to make a spinoff show, The Golden Palace, starring just McClanahan, White, and Getty —it only lasted one season (compared to the original’s seven-season run). “Without Dorothy, it didn’t work,” Harris tells EW, adding that The Golden Girls was “what it was and that’s the way it should remain.”

For whatever reason, people are certainly talking about The Golden Girls more than in recent years, sparking all sorts of show-related fun, like this Golden Girls cafe in New York that we must go to and these Golden Girls action figures. Plus, the all-female main cast of exclusively older women, especially national hero Betty White, feels very progressive and timely in today’s Hollywood, where older actresses still struggle to get good roles (see: Amy Schumer’s “Last F—able Day” sketch).

But the truth is that there will only ever be one Blanche Devereaux, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nyland, and Sophia Petrillo, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Though we’re obviously disappointed, it’s still nice to know that a culturally iconic show will remain blissfully untouched. And if you need more Golden Girls in your life, Hulu just added the entire series to its lineup last week. Get to it!