For those of you who don’t remember (or blocked it out of your memory because it’s just too sad to handle), Glenn died at the unfortunate end of Negan’s bat. The gruesome death was not well received either. At the time, 70% of all reactions on Twitter were negative and filled with words like “crazy,” “dislike,” “hate,” and “upset.” And actor Andrew Lincoln said that the death was meant to make viewers feel “sick,” “angry,” and “frustrated.” Apparently, Glenn himself felt a lot of that too — and is still conflicted over the whole thing.

Steven Yeun, the actor behind the #GONETOOSOON character, admitted he still has a lot of feelings about Glenn’s death.

Yeun admits that Glenn’s death wasn’t even as gory as usual for the show. Nonetheless, he said, “this one felt gratuitous because one, it kept going, and two, I think they took away someone that I didn’t realize I had made such a connection with until they took him away.”

Yeun also believes that Glenn was treated kind of unfairly on the show.

In a show like The Walking Dead, we know characters, major or otherwise, are never safe. But, Glenn’s death still hit us pretty hard. Yeun believes some of the shock came from the fact that there aren’t enough Asians onscreen to even have violent deaths.

“It’s interesting to think about it that way,” he said when asked if his character’s death was potentially racist. “I don’t think there was any more violence inflicted on him because he was Asian. I think they would have done the same thing. Maybe it’s something to be said that you’ve never seen an Asian character die like that onscreen before — because we don’t have Asian people onscreen to die! Even when we do die, we die silently.”

Since The Walking Dead,Yeun has kept busy with projects like Netflix’s Okja. Head on over to Vulture for more on what he’s been up to.