Kenya Foy
July 27, 2016 3:30 pm

Who already knows what they’ll be doing the evening of Tues., Aug. 2? *squeals and eagerly raises hand* If you too will be grossly enthralled in The Hills anniversary special, then pull up a seat and let’s get into the trailer for The Hills: That Was Then, This is NowOh yasss — that’s the official name of the Lauren Conrad-narrated look back at our favorite faux-reality show. It doesn’t exactly count as a full-fledged The Hills reunion, but based off the preview, we get the feeling that some seriously authentic, non-scripted dirt will be dished (we hope so, at least).

OK, so the 40-second clip leaves much to be desired. All we can surmise is that Conrad will reveal what she and the other Hills alum are up to today, which we kind of already know.

But then comes the not-so-subtle hint that juicy drama awaits: the plan to reveal matters that, in Conrad’s words, “we haven’t talked about before.”

Oh, really now?

Heading back to The Hills has us so pumped right now! So allow us to sum it up for you, MTV reality show fangirl style: This is a true story of a group of uber rich kids from SoCal picked to live in The Hills, pretend to work and have their faux lives taped. To find out what really happened, watch The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now.

The countdown is officially on, and we’re off to stock up on snacks.