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We love fan theories — and as far as the Stranger Things theories go, sometimes they’re intriguing (like, can Eleven and Hopper be related?) and sometimes they’re just plain goofy (you know — like saying Jean-Ralphio is Steve Harrington’s future son.)

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While we can sit around and think way too hard about the first season of the show, we’re not the only ones doing so. In fact, the creators have admitted that they’re keeping track of these fan theories, and find them to be pretty spectacular.

Makes sense. Reddit is incredible, but sometimes fan theories can get a little too dark and crazy over there.

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Does that mean that Season 2 is going to be way richer than Season 1? Well, we didn’t think that was possible until right this very second.

For fans, it’s just nice to know that the creative forces behind Stranger Things don’t think fan theories are dumb. They’re listening, and they want them to keep on coming!