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Credit: Hulu / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nX_vBkR0LVY

We’re not used to seeing Hulu shows being advertised during the Super Bowl, but it’s definitely something we could get used to. Hulu surprised us with a new teaser trailer for The Handmaid’s Tale during last night’s game, and this one was incredibly intriguing.

Whether you’ve been following the news on the show for awhile, or just found out about it after googling “Alexis Bledel Gilmore Girls” on a daily basis, you’ve probably recognized that it’s going to truly be a must-see drama.

Based around the novel by Margaret Atwood, the show centers around a scary, dystopian future where women have changed roles due to a strong, religious dictatorship.

By watching the trailer, you’ll be able to see how spooky this really is.

It seems like an upsetting watch. (But, of course we’re going to sit down and watch every second of it when it debuts in April.) Another plus? The trailer makes great use of the song “Releaser” by Kid Cudi.

Aside from Bledel, the show will feature impressive performances by Elisabeth Moss, otherwise known as Peggy from Mad Men, and Samira Wiley, who we were already missing like crazy on Orange Is The New Black. So, pretty much our favorite ladies from our favorite television shows.

Credit: Hulu / www.youtube.com

Moss plays the role of Offred, the leader of fertility. She’s in charge of the women who have proven themselves fertile in a world where having children is much more difficult of a process.

Judging solely by how we briefly see her in the trailer, we can already tell that she’s going to be a strong, intelligent character.

This show will definitely be a hit for Hulu. You’ll be able to watch the first season on April 26th.