The Mindy Project
Credit: Jordin Althaus / Hulu

In just a matter of days, The Mindy Project will return with the premiere episode of its sixth and final (😭😭😭) season. Some of you might be wondering, why is *now* the best time to rip Mindy (Mindy Kaling), Morgan (Ike Barinholtz), Jeremy (Ed Weeks), Tamra (Xosha Roquemore), Beverly (Beth Grant), and the rest of the Mindy Project cast away from our screens?

At PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview of The Mindy Project, Weeks joked that there just isn’t anything left in them. “Ideas have run out,” he quipped. Kaling and Barinholtz, meanwhile, addressed the question more seriously, but their answers might leave you wanting for more.

Naturally, the crowd responded with an enthusiastic “YES!”

“It’s also easier now,” said Barinholtz, a fellow writer, producer, and lead on the comedy. “The first few years, especially when you’re on a network, you have the constant pressure of ratings and you’re getting notes and you’re getting pulled in all these different directions. We were doing like 23, 22, 26 episodes and it was just a lot.”

“Now, we’ve kind of pulled back a little bit. We’re not doing so many stories. We’re on Hulu,” he continued. (Kaling added that episodes are longer and, in effect, all the characters get fleshed-out storylines.) “Once you get past 100 episodes, hopefully the machine is in motion at that point. So now it’s like, ‘Oh great, it’s at the point where it’s easy and it’s just nothing but fun. Let’s end it.'”

Not only that, but Kaling later explained that she’s not a fan of saying goodbye.

But like it or not, the end is near. And Kaling pointed to the cast’s “huge movie and television careers” as a factor. “That’s exciting, to see what’s going to happen with all of them, but I’m just really proud and I’m so grateful. I can’t believe it happened. It shouldn’t have happened. I say this all the time. I was number 14 on the call sheet on The Office…And it was crazy that [I got to] have my own show.”

We’re so grateful for The Mindy Project too! And we hope Kaling will take Barinholtz up on this proposal: “Just promise me,” he began, “when you got a few bad business deals in a couple years, we can Will & Grace and come back.” Though, ideally they’ll come back under better circumstances.

In the meantime, we’ll look forward to The Mindy Project Season 6, which premieres on Hulu on September 12th.