C. Molly Smith
Updated Aug 31, 2017 @ 2:04 pm

The Mindy Project is recognized for, among many things, its hilarious creator and leading lady Mindy Kaling, who plays OB/GYN and eternal romantic Mindy Lahiri. Not to mention, the colorful, vibrant, eccentric clothes that Mindy Lahiri wears onscreen.

Speaking at an opening reception for The Paley Center for Media’s new exhibit “The Mindy Project: Six Seasons of Style Curated by Costume Designer Salvador Perez,” Perez himself said that he’d be interested in continuing on with Mindy Lahiri’s style after the Hulu comedy wraps its sixth and final season.

Which is to say, Perez is “absolutely” open to creating a retail line inspired by The Mindy Project.


He added that if he does move forward with a line, he’d like to bring something like Mindy Lahiri’s Madeline-esque yellow dress to stores.

Imeh Bryant / The Paley Center for Media

Perez has pursued a fashion line in the past, but his schedule proved to be a bit too hectic.

“We’ve tried to do it in conjunction with seasons, but design-to-retail is nine months,” he continued. “Of course we did [have nine months] this last time, but I went off to do Pitch Perfect 3. So I couldn’t design the line [while I was working on] a movie.”

Imeh Bryant / The Paley Center for Media

That totally makes sense, though we’re sorry to hear it. But, hope isn’t lost!

Though it sounds like Perez will be no less busy once The Mindy Project comes to an end, he’s still interested in the possibility of a line — and thinks there’s a market for it. (We’d totally buy all the splashy coats and floral numbers, so can this please happen, like now?!)

“The Mindy Project: Six Seasons of Style” will be on display at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills through October 1st.