Mariel Loveland
August 02, 2017 12:32 pm

It’s been a tough couple days for comedy. First, we had to deal with the idea that The Big Bang Theory might call it quits after its twelfth season, and now we’re hearing that ABC’s charming family comedy The Middle is coming to an end, according to

Executive producer Eileen Heisler told the outlet that they needed a year to wrap The Middle, which will end after nine years with the 2017/2018 season.

The Middle follows the story of the Hecks, a middle-class family living in Orson, Indiana. Over the years, the show has made us laugh, cry, and feel oh-so emotional as we watched members of the family confront school bullies, move away to college, and navigate the complicated world of dating.

The show’s been on so long, we’re not just invested in the Hecks. Rather, we feel like they’re actually a part of our real-life families. Remember when NBC ripped Parenthood from us? Yeah, this is just as gutting.

But, there is still a season to look forward to — and the creative team has some ideas about how to wrap the series.

The final season of the The Middle premieres on Tuesday, October 3rd.