Credit: Disney Channel / Zach Ace /

Back in 2005, we were totally glued to the Disney Channel. And, uh — we still are, in 2017. But one of our ultimate favorite shows back then was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, which starred the lovable twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Lasting three seasons, the show even had a spin-off.

It looks like the show still has fans buzzing. Even though the Sprouse twins have moved on, one fan edited together an intro video of what the show would be like had Cody never existed. Sounds grim, right? After all, we can barely picture those two apart.

Strangely enough, it works. It’s strangely upsetting, but it still works. See for yourself:

Poor Cody.

While the twins obviously lived the “suite life” throughout the run of the show, this edit makes Zack look a tad bit…spoiled. Maybe Cody balances him out way more than we originally thought.

Another fun thing about this video? Even the theme music is a little different.

Compare the video above to the original:

All of those “me and you’s” turned into “me and me” in the edited version. We have to say, YouTuber Zach Ace is kind of a genius in adding in such a small yet important detail. But since he also created that (amazing) Family Matters intro to Luke Cage a few months back, we know that this is all pretty much second nature to him.

What’s next, we wonder. Maybe a Lizzie McGuire introduction that only includes younger brother Matt McGuire? We have a feeling his character would definitely be into that edit.