The trailer for “The HandMAN’s Tale” is so real, it hurts

The Handmaid’s Tale might be over but God hath provideth with more great content, while we eagerly await Season 2.

Since The Handmaid’s Tale is mostly told through the perspective of women, Funny or Die made a great parody of what it might look like if men were the ones oppressed.

Get ready for Season 1 of The HandMAN’s Tale.


In the parody, we see a world where men didn’t “wake up” when women were doing things like marching and ruining childhoods with a female Ghostbuster remake. Now they’re forced to pretend to like Wonder Woman and have *some* female co-workers. What’s more, they can be punished for manspreading (which everyone agrees is legit, right?!).


But luckily, there’s a resistance on 4chan and Reddit where men can diss women as much as they want. Praise be ? ? ?

Blessed be the fruit for this hilarious video, in which you can laugh about how insanely ridiculous it makes some complaints seem in relation to how women are treated in Gilead.

Wow, they pretty much nailed it. Isn’t it nice to laugh at The Handmaid’s Tale for once?! Too bad this still seems all too real. May the Lord open the minds of those around us to what’s really going on.