The first season of The Handmaid’s Tale has come to an end, and left us shook. But luckily, Season 2 of Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s all-too-real novel has already been announced, so blessed be the fruit.

Here’s what we can expect from The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2.

Credit: Hulu

There’s some good news: First of all, Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is still alive! And while the first season just wrapped, the creatives behind the show have already started working on Season 2. Executive producer Bruce Miller told Entertainment Weekly a little about what the writers have planned for Season 2 so far:

There’s still so much to learn and see in Gilead itself, so it’s great to hear that we should be getting more of that in Season 2. Plus, if they’re going to continue using the book as a major resource, maybe we’ll see some Econowives (women who have to do it all!) or learn more about what it means for Nick to be an Eye.

We’ll find out when Season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale is released on Hulu sometime in 2018.