S. Nicole Lane
February 19, 2017 2:13 pm
NBC/Getty Images

It’s here and it’s open: Rue La Rue, the official Golden Girls cafe has opened its doors in New York City. Named after Rue McClanahan, the creator of The Golden Girls, the cafe is part restaurant and part a way to exhibit and preserve all the artifacts from McClanahan’s estate complete with mannequins, Blanche’s pumps from episode number one, and a 1987 Emmy. But it’s not just Rue’s stuff: the place is an homage to all of her co-stars, Betty White, Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty, and the iconic’s show’s legacy.

The cafe has already seen natives from Australia and India make an appearance — the love for the ladies is literally global. The cafe even plays episodes in the background while customers enjoy their treats. The bathroom is decorated with the television series’ pink and mint tiles, and parts of the cafe have the same banana leaf wallpaper that Blanche had in her bedroom. This is truly a gem for Golden Girls fans.

The Golden Girls reached the No. 1 rating on its first night in 1985. Even though it was canceled in 1992, the show is still a staple for young and old men and women today. The humor, the honesty, and the friendship are still as relatable today as they were yesterday. It’s a show for everyone.
Michael LaRue, who manages McClanahan’s estate, will rotate 220 pieces relating to the show for the public in the restaurant. He told The New York Times, “This has given her eternal life.” As if that was ever a question.