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We were already pretty stoked when heard rumors a while back that one of the original The Departed producers, Roy Lee, was developing a series based on this iconic movie. But now that series has found a home thanks to a co-production deal Variety recently announced between Amazon and Warner Bros. TV, we are beside ourselves with excitement.

Martin Scorsese’s Academy-Award winning 2006 film (which was loosely based on the Hong Kong crime-thriller trilogy, Internal Affairs) was not only an absolutely spectacular screenplay, but it was also an absolutely brilliant concept (at least according to Lee and we totally agree). The high-stakes action thriller had an absolutely insanely talented cast (ICYMI, Leo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Martin Sheen somehow all found time in their busy schedules to make this cinematic masterpiece together).

While most movies this successful and beloved would naturally have a sequel that couldn’t happen with The Departed; in case you’ve forgotten, mostly all the main characters die.

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Unlike the movie, the series will NOT be set in Boston. Instead, we’ll be shipping out to Chicago.

It’ll be written by Jason Richman, who created Detroit 1-8-7, and will revolve around a young cop who infiltrates a Latino gang in Chicago only to face head-on the gang’s police plant.

That sounds awesome.

There are actually a lot of classic movies that are being currently developed into TV series that will grace our screens really soon (like CMT’s Varsity Blues-inspired series that has us already nostalgic for football and James Van Der Beek). But since The Departed was one of the most unique and incredible movies ever created, we can only imagine that the series it inspires will be just as thrilling as the original film.

Since there’s no official date set for the series yet,we’ll all have to (unfortunately) wait for more details.

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