Netflix's "The Crown"
Credit: Netflix

If you haven’t checked out Netflix’s luscious Queen Elizabeth II bio-pic, The Crown, you need to block out a weekend in your calendar and get your binge on. The first season of the television series chronicles some pretty weighty events from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s life (the death of her father, her marriage to Prince Philip, and her sister, Princess Margaret’s, affair). It’s all told with great flair and spectacular dramatization. We expect no less from the series creator, Peter Morgan. He has a talent for retelling good ‘ole historical events in film (The Queen, Frost/Nixon, The Damn United — just to name a few).

But when asked about the recent reports detailing the Queen’s reaction to The Crown (Queen Liz has watched the first season and likes it!), the creator said he had hoped she would never watch the series!

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Crown creator clarified his reaction.

According to Express, if it hadn’t been for Prince Edward, Prince Charles’s younger brother, and his wife, Sophie, the queen might have never watched the show. The couple reportedly convinced her to give it a try during their informal weekly dinners in Windsor.

But seriously, if you haven’t given it a shot, you’re missing out on some stunning visual storytelling.

Like this moment:

And let’s not forget the sweeping romance.

And who could pass up the opportunity to see John Lithgow play Winston Churchill?

Intrigued yet? It won’t be long before you side with Her Majesty and count The Crown as one of your must-watch picks.