Even though we’re only 13 episodes into the show, Riverdale has an intense fan base — and we know this, because have you even seen Twitter during a Riverdale episode? But, do those fan comments actually impact the show? We talked with Riverdale’s executive producer, Sarah Schechter, at San Diego Comic-Con about just how much impact fans have on the show itself.

When it comes to tweeting at your faves in Riverdale, it’s hard to know just what could make an impact on the show. Story-wise, your tweets might not make a huge impact. But, it doesn’t mean the team behind the hit show isn’t listening. Schechter told us a quick anecdote about a time the fans actually totally impacted the show:

It turns out that the actor who (ahem, spoiler) played Clifford Blossom, Barclay Hope, had a negative reaction to the hair dye used in the Pilot episode. So they had to resort to a wig for the rest of the season. Instead of taking the criticism to heart, the team made it work:

Pretty cool that they not only listened to the fans but also made it work. Season 2 of Riverdale premieres October 11th on The CW.