Caralynn Lippo
August 04, 2016 2:19 pm
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I’ll admit that when I first heard about Girl Meets World (a reboot of one of my all-time favorite shows, Boy Meets World), I was really hesitant. How could anything match the dynamic of Corey, Topagana, Shawn, and Eric, the beloved crew in the original series? But when the new show premiered, it totally blew me away – it’s an incredible and very fitting continuation of the beloved ’90s show, largely thanks to amazing performances by the two female leads, our young feminist hero Rowan Blanchard (as my forever OTP Corey and Topanga’s oldest daughter Riley) and Sabrina Carpenter (as Riley’s BFF Maya).

So you can imagine my distress when I found out that the show hadn’t yet been renewed for a fourth season, as Season 3 wraps production now.

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Horrible, right? HORRIBLE.

There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the show right now. There are rumors that the show might be picked up by Freeform if Disney Channel doesn’t move forward with a new season – aka, the GOOD kind of rumors. Then, there are the bad rumors – like the allegations that the show might not continue because of bad blood between Rowan and the rest of the cast (specifically Rowan and Sabrina, the on-screen BFFs).

For anyone who follows the two on social media, this claim seems completely ridiculous. The two share so many adorable behind-the-scenes photos and pics of the two hanging out. But apparently, some believe that the relationship is “fake,” a put-on for the show’s marketing.

Rowan was clearly very bothered by this accusation. She even took to Twitter to debunk the “horrendous rumors” about her, posting a long, emotional note screenshot.

Poor Rowan. In her note, she immediately shut down the rumors, saying that while they clearly weren’t true, “that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt” her to hear them. She reassured her fans that she would “never fake a friendship” and that even the thought of doing so “makes [her] sick.” She reiterated that the cast is truly very close and that the last weeks were filled with reminiscing and love – because, DUH, their show might be cancelled.

Sabrina appeared to back up Rowan’s response by tweeting a photo of the two being total friendship goals only a day after Rowan’s note tweet, calling Rowan “the Riley to [her] Maya.” Awww.

Rowan also announced in her note that she was taking a break from social media for a while to “probably binge watch Twin Peaks.” We can’t blame her. Obviously, it’s a stressful time for Rowan and the rest of the cast, given the uncertain future of their show. Also, Twin Peaks is awesome and she should totally get right on binging that.

Rowan shouldn’t have had to address these rumors at all, but she handled the situation like a pro. No surprise there – the young star has always been incredibly eloquent, genuine, and sweet. She should take all the time she needs for self-care and we’ll be here, patiently waiting for Girl Meets World Season 4, when she returns!

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