Room 104
Credit: HBO

Are you a fan of the particularly strange? This new show may be your next obsession. HBO just released the trailer for Room 104, a creepy comedy. Produced by the Duplass brothers, Jay and Mark,
Room 104
is a 12-episode anthology about an American hotel room. The trailer, teasing stars like James Van Der Beek, is enough to draw us in.

Room 104 follows 12 wild stories and characters who briefly inhabit the room.

As a result, each episode is a half-hour mini-movie. The teaser appears to be dark, weird, and uniquely bizarre. The influence of sci-fi is definitely present in the preview. We’re definitely curious how this show will pan out.

The show features a lot of recognizable faces, including Nat Wolff, Orlando Jones, and Mae Whitman. Moreover, Jay Duplass makes an appearance as himself.

Now that the Duplass brothers have put words to it, we’re pretty fascinated, too.

The creators’ interest lies in the mundane and, similarly, the madness behind it. The location of the motel is unknown. The characters change. Furthermore, will be it funny? Will it be terrifying? There’s only one way to find out!

Room 104 airs Friday, July 28th on HBO.