Here's the best way to celebrate "I Love Rapunzel Day" — with two "Tangled: The Series" sneak peeks

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If you’re wondering what’s the perfect recipe for the best. day. ever, we’ve got it right here: A full day of nothing but Rapunzel. Tangled: The Series is back with brand new episodes, and to celebrate the latest one, Disney Channel has declared that Sunday, August 13th is going to be “I Love Rapunzel Day” — and it’s totally okay if you actually love Rapunzel *every* day of the year. Just love her a little bit more on Sunday.

Tangled: The Series — which takes place after Tangled the movie, but before the Tangled short, Tangled Ever After — follows Rapunzel, Flynn, and Punzie’s BFF/lady in waiting Cassandra on their (mis)adventures through Corona. And yes, Rapunzel’s got long, blonde hair again, and it’s a story just as long as her hair. In the episode airing Sunday, “One Angry Princess,” Rapunzel’s going to have to put on her detective hat on over all that hair, when former Snuggly Duckling thug Attila is accused of destroying the kingdom’s sweet shop. If you can’t wait till Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST to check out out, we’ve got a sneak peek right here:

And, seeing as how we’re gearing up to celebrate a whole day dedicated just to Rapunzel, you need more of the lost princess, right? Well, start saving your pennies, because this fall Disney is launching a brand new line of Tangled: The Series toys, and you’re going to want all of them. It’s one thing just to talk about them, but it’s another thing to actually seem them with an exclusive look at some of the upcoming items.

Disney’s Tangled: The Series Rapunzel Doll and Disney’s Tangled: The Series Musical Lights Rapunzel Doll

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The tiny ‘lil Pascal on the shoulder of Musical Lights Rapunzel *lights up* as Rapunzel sings!!

Tangled: The Series Rapunzel Bow & Arrow and Tangled: The Series Rapunzel Adventure Bag

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Yes, the bow and arrow actually works, and yes, it shoots up to 20 feet.

Disney’s Tangled: The Series Rapunzel & Royal Horse Maximus 2-Pack and Disney’s Tangled: The Series Tangled the Series Swinging Locks Castle Playset

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Important information: the Castle Playset comes with floating lanterns.

All of these products will be available starting in the fall…but if you’re looking to get your hands on some Rapunzel things right now, you can. Like, the mini doll set, Rapunzel’s journal play set, or the figure play set

Disney Consumer Products

You can find even more Tangled: The Series things on, and this fall wherever your favorite Punzie toys are sold.

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