Natalia Lusinski
September 18, 2016 11:30 am
Instagram/Mullberry Street Pizza

We love TV, and we love pizza — so what could be better than a TV show about pizza?!

Sylvester Stallone is developing a comedy and basing it on the life of Mulberry Street Pizzeria owner Richie Palmer, according to Uproxx. It’ll be called Pizza Guy.

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If you don’t live in L.A. and haven’t had pizza from Mulberry Street, it is goooooood. Really good.

I mean look at this tower of goodness

Over 20 years ago, Palmer moved from New York to Beverly Hills and opened Mulberry Street Pizzeria.

Mulberry Street Pizzeria

In October 2012, Mulberry Street Pizzeria celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

If you can’t get to NYC and are in L.A., it’s the next best thing.

A friend of Palmer’s, A.J. Benza, is writing the TV pilot, said Grub Street.

ICYMI, Palmer is the ex-husband of Raquel Welch, and also the ex-fiancé of Oscar winner Cathy Moriarty. Plus, lots of celebs have frequented the pizzeria over the years. We can see why it would make for great television.

Meanwhile, we’ll just have to go grab a slice and wait patiently.

Btw, Mulberry Street has three other L.A.-area locations in addition to the Beverly Hills one, so if you’re in L.A., it’s a must.