ABC Family's "Bunheads" - Season One
Credit: Adam Larkey/Getty Images

If you think having Gilmore Girls come back to television is like some kind of amazing DREAM, now imagine actually being invited to Stars Hollow yourself. Like, one second you’re just re-binging the show on Netflix, the next, you’re sitting in Luke’s diner chugging down coffee with Lorelai.

Yesterday on the Today Show, Foster sat down with Kathy Lee and Hoda to dish about the return of Younger (watch Younger), but you can’t just have a cast member from Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life without talking about it, you know? That’s when Foster dishes that it’s actually her *favorite* show of all time, and we love that she’s a huge fangirl, too!!

While we don’t know much about Foster’s character in A Year in the Life, we DO know she will NOT be reprising her Bunheads’ role of dance teacher Michelle (Miss Patty is the only ballerina in town). It’s a smaller role in just one of the episodes, but even still, SHE ACTUALLY GOT TO LIVE IN STARS HOLLOW! SHE LIVED IT!

Believe in your Gilmore Girls dreams, friends 💫.