Gwendolyn Purdom
October 13, 2017 9:57 am

If you’re looking to flip out over a bottle of dish soap or a box of Pop-Tarts on TV, The Price is Right is no longer your only option. Supermarket Sweep, the grocery aisle-centric game show that was big in ’90s, is making a comeback. FremantleMedia just announced they’ll be rebooting the show.

Supermarket Sweep actually debuted in the ’60s. The ’90s version we remember featured pop culture quizzes, puzzles about grocery store products, and, of course, the big sweep at the end where contestants ran around the store and had to fill their carts with the highest value of items they could grab. In Fremantle’s announcement Vasha Wallace, the company’s executive VP of Global Acquisitions and Development, said the new version of the show will use the same idea but updated to fit our modern times:

If the showrunners really want to keep things up to date, might we suggest adding an online challenge where the competitors try to order the cheapest bulk toilet paper or the lipstick color that’s really hard to find at their local store? (With Amazon and Whole Foods now all part of one big happy family, that might be a smart setting for producers to consider). Target, too, would be a dream locale for the reboot, especially if they’re looking to draw in younger viewers — so long as we get to compete on the show and get first dibs on Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new housewares line.

Freemantle is the company behind other successful unscripted series like Celebrity Family Feud, so, who knows, this new project could be the next big thing. Henry Howard, the son of the show’s original creator Al Howard, will also be involved, so you know they’ll try to live up to the old favorite. It’s not clear which network might take it on, but honestly, we’re here for it.

One small suggestion: Can Nickelodeon Super Toy Run please be the next running-through-retail-stores-themed show that gets rebooted? Because if we’re never able to test out the Mattel aisle strategy we came up with while watching as kids IRL, it would really be a waste.