Kenya Foy
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 7:28 am
Credit: Mr. Clean /

The Cheetos dust has settled, the pizza crumbs have hardened, and the year’s biggest football game is officially in the record books, but some of us may have missed out on what matters most while refilling on nachos during breaks: all the Super Bowl LI commercials.

If you were more interested in loading the hump, freaking out over Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime performance or watching everything on Netflix that wasn’t the Super Bowl, you probably didn’t see all the highly anticipated ads that, tbqh, some of us look forward to more than the actual game (yeah, we said it).

To sum up the Super Bowl commercials briefly, some got political, others were downright goofy, and of course, there were the rash of celebrity-filled ads and eye-catching film trailers. (Seriously, WHO DIDN’T stop in their tracks when Zac Efron sported a speedo in the Baywatch preview?)

Oh yeah, you. That’s who. Anyway, we totally understand. Sometimes the need to get your grub on will not wait.

Here’s a look of some of the evening’s standout spots:

Kristen Schaal in T-Mobile’s #Punished ad

Fifty Shades meets crappy cell phone plans (Sorry, Verizon. Those are T-Mobile’s words, not ours).

Skittles “Romance” ad

When romancing bae with Skittles goes terribly wrong.

TurboTax’s “Humpty Fall”

Thanks to the image of Humpty’s yolky vomit (ew), this commercial has seared the word “taxes” into our brains.

Super Bowl Babies

This short-but-sweet ad reminds us that babies can bring the cuteness out of anything, even football.

THE Mr. Clean ad (yes, *that* one)

This subliminal avocado ad.

Honestly, we don’t need to be Jedi mind-tricked into eating avocados, but nice commercial.

Audi’s #DriveProgress ad

This ad highlighted equal pay and we were HERE for it.

84 Lumber ad

This serious spot starring a Spanish-speaking mother and daughter speaks to the current political atmosphere surrounding the proposal to construct a border wall.

Yeah, so we have no idea how we’re going to get work done and spend the day revisiting all of the Super Bowl commercials, but that certainly won’t stop us from trying.