Rachel Sanoff
Updated August 05, 2016 9:27 am
Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

You should already be familiar with the #StyleChallenge — a hashtag created by a 17-year-old female cartoonist that challenges artists to draw themselves in different animation styles.

The original challenge by an artist named Autumn, seen here, has brought attention to artists of color and has shown how absolutely necessary it is to diversify cartoons and media in general.

Now, artist Hayden Williams has used the #StyleChallenge to give us the Saturday morning cartoon we never knew we needed. May I present to you Beyoncé in a high pony, slaying as a Powerpuff Girl, Sailor Moon, Corpse Bride a la Tim Burton, and other animated characters:

Where can I buy a Beyoncé Bratz doll? Answer my question. Not to mention, I would take Beyoncé and the Beast over that other Disney classic ANY DAY.

Anna Webber/WireImage

When Beyoncé launches that TV channel, can she collab with Hayden Williams and start a Cartoon Network-esque empire, please?