Meaghan Kirby
November 20, 2017 12:58 pm

The second season of Stranger Things has been streaming on Netflix for nearly a month now, but guys, we still need to be talking about Steve Harrington.

It’s no secret that Steve (Joe Keery) emerged as the unlikely breakout star of Season 2, as his existential crisis of sorts really took him on an emotional journey. It’s honestly a coming-of-age transformation worthy of its own ’80s teen film. But this isn’t yet another recount of Steve’s transformation from douche jock with great hair to mother of the year (with even more beautiful hair, no less) — you can read that one here. No, this is solely about Steve’s *fire* parental instincts.

If you weren’t already in love with the way Steve drove Dustin to the dance like a proud father, doling out advice, or the way he insisted on protecting Lucas from the clutches of Billy, only to be nearly beaten to death, or how quickly he adapted to role of babysitter — prepare to fall in love with this new behind-the-scenes photo of Steve cradling a Demodog.

In this glorious new behind-the-scenes photo from the series, Keery (as Steve) is cradling the Demodog like it’s his newborn child.

Jackson Davis / Netflix

This is the face of an exhausted parent of a newborn and a bunch of rowdy tweens. Ugh, the life, amirite?

While we know Keery is *just* watching slime being deposited onto the Demodog, we’re going to pretend for a moment that he’s actually staring lovingly at his favorite son’s new science project (his favorite son is Dustin, just to make that clear).

That’s not the only incredible behind-the-scenes shot of Keery from the confines of Joyce Byers’ map-covered house. This other shot isn’t exactly giving us mom vibes, but it does make Steve look like the MVP of babysitting.

Jackson Davis / Netflix

The bat. The gum. The map-covered house. The hair.

We already know Steve’s a slugger thanks to his *first* foray with the spiked bat in Season 1, but that just made him rookie of the year. This year, he’s ready to take his whole team to the world series because he’s grown as a person and is committed to the team. So when Billy comes in to try and beat up Lucas, Steve isn’t going to stand for that.

Okay, we already know how that ends for Steve, but he looks like a champ in this before shot, so we’re just going to roll with it.

Catch Steve’s groundbreaking journey during Stranger Things 2 — now streaming on Netflix!