Rachel Paige
Updated December 01, 2017 9:33 am

It took Netflix a solid 35 days to renew Stranger Things for Season 3 — not that I was counting. But I was. Earlier this summer, the Duffer Brothers, Matt and Ross, let it slip that they were already planning on a third season, and potentially a fourth season (and maybe a fifth?), so we knew Stranger Things Season 3 was coming. It was just a matter of waiting for it.

And now, take a seat, get some snacks, and pull up your favorite video game because we are going to be waiting even longer for Season 3 of the hit series to return to the streaming site. You think 35 days is long? We could potentially be waiting until 2019 for more Stranger Things. Stranger Things, who do you think you are, GAME OF THRONES?

Usually when Netflix announces a renewal they hint at when the show might be back. Like, “coming Spring 2018” or, “late 2018.” The announcement for Stranger Things Season 3 included none of the above, which is worrisome. That means Netflix hasn’t set a date for it. That means Netflix isn’t even guessing at a date for it. That means that the Duffer Brothers don’t have a premiere date in mind, so they’re not working towards hitting a date, which means they could take their sweet time and it might be a year and a half until the show returns.

Season 1 of the series landed in the middle of the summer, which was cool, but Season 2 premiering at Halloween was *perfect.* Stranger Things really IS a Halloween show, Ghostbusters costumes or not. It would be absolutely perfect for Season 3 to arrive Halloween 2018..however, right now that’s unlikely. While the Duffers haven’t confirmed this, it sure looks and sounds like they’re still in the middle of figuring out Season 3, meaning that they’re not ready to shoot it yet. For comparison, story goes that the brothers actually met with Paul Reiser *the day after* Season 1 premiered, because they already had Season 2 mapped out — and also, this was Summer 2016, alreayd a year and a half ago. Now it’s Winter 2017, and the ball has only just started rolling.

If they don’t go into production until Spring 2018, it is 100% impossible that the show will be good to go for Halloween 2018.

With a production schedule that runs somewhere around 17-18 months, we won’t be seeing more of Dustin, Mike, Will, Eleven, and Lucas until Summer 2019. We won’t be seeing Steve and his glorious hair until Summer 2019. Hopper might not dance again until 2019. What are we supposed to do between now and then?? Go outside and read a book??

Also, something else to consider: The kids of Stranger Things are growing up. Finn Wolfhard has grown like, 15 feet since Season 1 of the show. The Duffers + everyone else on the show might be taking that into consideration, and not only will we see a significant time jump, but a later start date for shooting to accommodate puberty. You know how it goes.

This is all to say it is very exciting that Stranger Things is coming back, and the wait for it will be excruciatingly painful. At least we have David Harbor’s Twitter account and interviews with Gaten Matarazzo and Joe Keery to hold us over till…whenever.