Credit: Netflix

The first season of Stranger Things introduced us to a freaking awesome mix of mystery, horror, humor, and ’90s queen bee Winona Ryder. It is, by far, one of the best Netflix original series out there. And now we finally know something about Stranger Things Season 2: it’s going to be even scarier.

The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed Shawn Levy, the producer and director of Stranger Things, on Facebook Live. Of course, they asked him what’s in store for Season 2.

His response makes our teeth chatter with fear.

Levy said Stranger Things Season 2 is so scary it “makes the Demogorgon look quaint.”

Whoa, scarier than this thing? Is that even possible?

In case you need a little refresher, Season 1 of Stranger Things introduced us to the Demogorgon, a predatory monster. It abducted residents, took them to the Upside Down, and killed them. Seriously, what could be more frightening than an odious murderer? We guess we’ll have to tune into Season 2 to have our minds blown (yet again).

So, where does Season 2 pick up?

According to HuffPost, Season 2 begins one year after Will returns from the Upside Down. As you might imagine, he ain’t doing so well. (Coughing up a slug-creature might screw with your brain chemistry a little, you know?) Eleven is seemingly alive (or so we believe), but Barb is not. And a new monster is terrorizing Hawkins.

That’s what’s coming down the pike, y’all. We’re seriously rejoicing, but we’re also seriously unable to wait until October 31st.