Credit: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Netflix has slowly but surely been taking over all of our lives – in the best way – over the past few years. They’ve been churning out beloved instant-classics like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black ever since they started debuting original series in 2013. But who would have thought that the hype over those two series wasn’t even remotely Netflix’s peak?

The collective frenzy that overtook us all when Stranger Things was released this past summer was unlike anything us dedicated Netflix devotees had ever seen. Between instant fan-favorites like Barb and the ultra-badass little telekinetic girl Eleven, the show cemented its place in pop culture history almost immediately. It hit all the right nostalgia buttons, simultaneously enrapturing us with the performances of these mega-talented child actors – and, to boot, it was legitimately really, really scary.

Exhibit A for said terrifying-ness: the Demogorgon, a.k.a. the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired monster on the loose from the Upside Down that the Stranger Things kids set out to battle and defeat in order to retrieve their friend Will (But not Barb. Sorry, Barb).

Credit: Netflix/

Now, thanks to the ever-astounding genius that is Netflix, you can bring some Demogorgon creepiness to your very own kitchen!

A new series of videos called “Netflix Kitchen” on the Netflix YouTube Channel shows us how we can create food based on our fave new Netflix original.

First up: turning a hideous alternate-dimension toothy monster into a delicious pie. Introducing the Demogorgon Pie!

As the recipe vid above demonstrates, this Demogorgon pie takes its scary, sorta-flowery appearance from the monster of the same name. It’s basically a basic pumpkin-cherry-blackberry pie, with tons of almond slivers (for the Demogoron’s “teeth”). The baker also cuts up extra pieces of the pie crust (also covering those in almond slivers) for the “petals,” to give the pie that open-mouthed, super-teethy look. Seriously. So many teeth on that thing.

Drizzling the pie with chocolate sauce completes the look.

This isn’t the first time somebody has introduced Stranger Things-inspired food, but this pie is a totally brilliant addition to anybody’s Halloween party menu. Yay Netflix! Yay Stranger Things! Yay pie!