Channing Sargent
Updated Feb 12, 2017 @ 10:22 am
Credit: Netflix

As we learned with the newest Stranger Things trailer, the second season will premiere on Halloween. With the enormous success of the first season comes new concerns for the second. Primarily, Stranger Things season 2 spoiler security protocol. Die-hard fans will practically scale buildings to gather advance information about the plot. So what can producers do about this espionage problem?

Stranger Things producers turned to Game of Thrones.

It’s a smart move, because the hit HBO show has had to fight piracy and the spread of spoilers since its earliest days.

“We had no security protocols last season and we have extensive security protocols this season. I can’t speak about what they are because then people could crack them. We protect every story point, every page of every script.”

Furthermore, other Stranger Things team members discussed how they had to change their habits to prevent info thievery.

“I just knew I used to throw my [daily shooting notes] away and now they have to be burnt,” said co-creator Ryan Duffer.

Additionally, even cast member Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven, had to get involved.

“Now we have a code name [for the show],” she said. “And now I have a code name! It’s this weird thing. On the call sheets our names are across it and if we lose it, we’re dead.”

The practice of assigning codes is something Game of Thrones did, too.

Kit Harington was given a code name while filming Season 6 to protect the secret of Jon Snow’s resurrection. Even so, producers were outfoxed by on-the-ground GoT fans, who broke the theory.

All we can say is good luck, Stranger Things.