Alyssa Thorne
February 13, 2017 3:29 pm

This knowledge is a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, knowing when Stranger Things will be ending makes us SAD because we want it forever. On the other hand, there is literally no worse feeling than getting to the end of an amazing season of television and then getting gut punched when you realize that it’s been canceled. At least with Stranger Things we can prepare for the inevitable end, and it also means that the writers have the time and space to plan out a satisfying conclusion. But still, we feel like we’ve just gotten to know Stranger Things and now it’s leaving. 😢

As of now, the showrunners told Entertainment Weekly that they see  Stranger Things running for four or five seasons, although they are open to extending it later if the story allows.

While that does make us a liiiittle sad, we really appreciate the showrunners’ perspective on the longevity of the show. It puts the emphasis on good storytelling as opposed to extending it as long as possible to make money, y’know?

Regardless of what happens at the end of Stranger Things, we’re reeeeally looking forward to the upcoming season, so for right now, we’re def gonna focus on SEEING OUR BABIES AGAIN instead of saying goodbye to them forever.