Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 30, 2017 @ 2:57 pm

Did you find yourself watching Stranger Things Season 2 and thinking, “Oh wow, where can I get that outfit?” But not like, Nancy’s cute sweaters or even Hopper’s uniform for a fun Halloween costume. Rather, Dustin’s purple dinosaur sweatshirt.

Yes, it’s okay to admit you saw Dustin’s dinosaur sweatshirt, with a skeleton of a brontosaurus on it, and thought, “Does that come in adult sizes?”

Little did the Stranger Things costuming department realize what kind of sweatshirt pandemonium they were starting when Dustin wore this gem in the first episode. He, sadly, only wears it in the first episode, but maybe that’s for the best considering the mess (both literally and figuratively) he gets himself into shortly thereafter. Doubtful this glorious dinosaur sweatshirt would survive playing with Dart. Or a trip to the tunnels.

Though only seen briefly, the purple, hooded beauty left a lasting impression on viewers:

If you’re wondering about the origin of the sweatshirt, because aren’t we all, it’s from the Science of Museum of Minnesota. And yes, the Science Museum saw — and loved — their shoutout on Stranger Things.

When the internet decides they like something, they consequently really, really need it. Case in point: this sweatshirt. According to the Science Museum’s Twitter, the demand for this sweatshirt has been so great they’re working on bringing it back so you, too, can own one like Dustin. Isn’t that the dream?

If you want to get your hands on a brontosaurus sweatshirt made famous by Netflix’s Stranger Things, you can sign up for the Science Museum of Minnesota’s mailing list right here. Just maybe don’t fight Demodogs in it.