Stranger Things is taking us back to the Upside Down this fall, but what can we expect from the breakout Netflix drama as it takes on a second season? The Duffer brothers, creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, feel confident that they learned from Season 1 and have high hopes for Season 2, as discussed in a new interview on Variety‘s Remote Controlled podcast.

With Season 1 being an overnight sensation, there’s a lot of pressure on Season 2, but luckily, the pair seem to think they did okay by the upcoming season:

For our part, we think they’re just being modest.

Now, what about Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown)?! Okay, so the Duffer brothers don’t answer that question, but it sounds like they’re handling Season 2 well, despite high expectations:

Season 2 of Stranger Things will be available for your binge-watching pleasure on Netflix on October 31st. Until then, we’ll be playing D&D.