Rachel Paige
Updated Dec 01, 2016 @ 4:56 pm
Credit: Netflix, Hot Topic

When you think of Christmas lights, you probably think of Christmas…and also Stranger Things on Netflix. The sleeper hit smash hit took us all by surprise earlier this year, as Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven rode their bikes into our hearts, and they’re going to stay there forever (or, at least until Season 2 comes our way). Now if you want to start wearing your Stranger Things love on your sleeve you can, literally, with Hot Topic’s brand new line of Stranger Things clothing and accessories.

But you’re going to have to BYOE — bring your own Eggos.

The new line, a beautiful partnership between Hot Topic and BoxLunch (a super cool company that donates money from each purchase towards providing a meal for those in need), you can snag things like awesome Stranger Things t-shirts.

Credit: Hot Topic
Credit: Hot Topic

There’s also a collection of Stranger Things jewelry, along with keychains and buttons, because why WOULDN’T there be??

Credit: Hot Topic

How about showing off your Hawkins pride with a whole bunch of different Hawkings swag?

Credit: Hot Topic

And yes, there’s even a blue Eleven windbreak, and we’re going to need like…11 of them. You’ll be able to snag Eleven’s pink dress, too, but it’s not on the site yet.

Credit: Hot Topic

The only thing this brand new line is missing is a bunch of Barb-inspired clothing and accessories, but maybe those are coming later (cross your fingers). Everything is available right now in Hot Topic stores and online, so what are you waiting for? Friends don’t lie, and also friends buy their other friends awesome Stranger Things gifts for the holidays.