Mariel Loveland
July 25, 2017 3:26 pm

Since Hey Arnold! ended 13 years ago, we’ve been sorely missing our favorites: Arnold, Gerald, Helga, Phoebe, Harold, and — never forget — Stoop Kid.

For those of you who need a refresher about the latter, Stoop Kid first appeared in a 1996 episode of Hey Arnold!

As the legend of Stoop Kid goes, the poor child lived his entire life on a stoop and was afraid to leave. Stoop Kid would angrily shout at pedestrians and bully the other kids, but eventually, Arnold helped him get over his fear. And he was even seen off of his stoop in a couple episodes.

Now, we’re finally getting a glimpse at what he’s been up to in a sneak peek of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie, which tells “The Legend of Arnold” and was released at Comic-Con.

So Stoop Kid is doing great. In fact, he’s graduated to the largest stoop in all of New York City. But there’s much more to the video than that.

Also in the video, Gerald — and a handful of others, like Rhonda, Pigeon Man, and (of course) Stoop Kid — detail Arnold’s helpful, wonderful, caring, and good-hearted nature. The video seems to be a submission to win a trip to San Lorenzo and we’re thinking he probably wins, seeing as Arnold and his class will be heading there in the TV movie.

But, we’ll find out for sure when Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie airs on Nickelodeon later this year — and satisfies our huge ’90s nostalgia craving. Honestly, we can never get enough.