Credit: Lucasfilm / NBC

May the Fourth be with you! Jimmy Fallon decided to celebrate the occasion by creating a mashup of Star Wars characters singing “All Star” by Smash Mouth. Since you might not have heard the popular ’90s song of the summer for some time, why not revisit it with Yoda and Han? And before you ask, yes — Jar Jar Binks does make a brief appearance.

While it’s a little goofy, it’s incredibly well edited. We can’t even imagine how long it took video editors to find all of these clips. (We want to give full credit directly to Fallon, but hey — he’s a busy guy.)

Steve Harwell, otherwise known as “the lead singer of Smash Mouth,” is probably pretty impressed.

We dig the fact that they used a bunch of different characters in the short clip. Not only do we see the classics that we know and love, but newer characters — like Rey, Finn, and Jyn Erso — are also in the mix.

Since today is officially “Star Wars Day,” which started up back in 1979, but gained steam in 2011 with actual events and celebrations, this is quite the tribute.

The song originally appeared on the band’s album Astro Lounge, but became pretty intertwined with the Shrek franchise. Back in the late ’90s and early 2000’s, it was pretty much all you heard on the radio.

This is a blast to watch, and it was probably also a blast for The Tonight Show crew to make!