Karen Belz
August 30, 2017 9:09 am

Haven’t caught up with Game of Thrones yet? Well, you might hear a spoiler or two about the season finale right now, so turn away if you’re not all caught up. After Sunday’s episode, Sophie Turner had to school a Littlefinger supporter on Twitter. Even though we assumed that everyone was all for his death, it looks like there are a few fans out there who have some sympathy for his character. (Or at least, love seeing Aidan Gillen on screen.)

Turner, as you know, plays Sansa Stark — a character who has spent a large chunk of screen time with Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. We’ve seen Littlefinger serve as a master manipulator for seven seasons, and while he seemed to have a creepy infatuation with the Stark family (likely stemming from his enduring love for Catelyn Stark), he had no trouble putting them in harm’s way.

The fact that Turner stood up for her character and her character’s family off-screen is nothing short of amazing. Because we felt a ton of relief after Arya killed him.

It all started after a Game of Thrones fan on Twitter sent out a message that Sansa was the only person who managed to get Littlefinger to beg. One fan interpreted that scene a little differently.

Turner came in to say that actually, yes. Sansa definitely felt a bit of pain.

But the conversation continued.

While we love the fact that Game of Thrones brings out so many emotions, we kinda-sorta need to trust Turner on this one in saying that Littlefinger was definitely a bad dude. After all, she was there.

Other fans were quick to jump in on the big debate.

And others? Well, they were just impressed that Turner took the time to comment.

We’re digging the fact that so many people have different opinions on how the season shaped up — since that’s the mark of a good series. Fingers crossed for even more commentary from Turner when the show airs its final season.