sophie turner
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It’s summertime, which is the worst for Game of Thrones fans. We are still emotionally dealing with the end of last season, but we know that we won’t see more of our favorite Westerosi characters for almost a WHOLE year. But luckily, our fave Game of Thrones characters are still giving us a LOT to think about, and nobody more so than Sophie Turner. She already dyed her hair a gorgeous blonde, leaving behind her trademark Sansa red, and now, she posted a photo on Instagram that has us asking a lot of questions.

Sophie posted this photo of her rocking at least THREE arm tattoos, including a WOLF!

What does it mean?!

First of all, that is a LOT of arm ink to spring on us all at once. We think it looks great on you, and we’re pretty sure that they’re fake tattoos for a movie. Sophie captioned her post “Meet Josie. #HuntsvilleFilm,” so it’s probably the look for her character.

But what we are really focused on is that wolf, or should we say that direwolf? That symbol 100% reflects Sansa Stark, whose house sigil is the wolf, so we really want to know if that’s a wink to her fans? Because it seems like a little too much of a coincidence if Sophie plays another character who just happens to love wolves.

Credit: HBO

According to Variety, Huntsville is an indie drama about a “questionable” relationship between a loner of a guy and a teen who just moved to town. They have definitely gotten our attention with that sweet arm ink on Sophie, so we will for sure be following to see what other details emerge.

Regardless, it’s clear that Huntsville knows what Game of Thrones has been saying for years.

You don’t mess with the Wolf!