Credit: Netflix

Netflix is notoriously secret about their numbers and ratings, kinda like how the Department of Energy is super secretive about Eleven and the Upside Down. But every now and then a few tidbits of information slip out about the mega-powerful streaming service, and every time we’re completely blown away by what we learn.

This time, we’ve just learned the actual numbers breakdown for Stranger Things, and omg. So many people have already watched Stranger Things. Then again, is it THAT surprising considering how GOOD the series is?

Netflix still isn’t releasing actual streaming numbers, but SymphonyAM — who has long been tracking Netflix’s numbers and seems to have cracked their very secret code — has provided their findings to Business Insider, and it’s a pretty hefty digit.

According to them, in the first 16 days, Stranger Things was watched over 8 million times by viewers.

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It’s still far off from the number one and two most watched show on the site, Fuller House and Orange is the New Black, which both sit at roughly 13 million views for the first two weeks. But still. Eight million is a lot, and Stranger Things is still so brand new! It was a completely original series, with little to no ~hype~. Fuller House and OITNB had SO MUCH HYPE.

Obviously, this is just SymphonyAM’s findings, and Netflix might have a completely different number all together. But we certainly like the sound of “Stranger Things” + “eight million views” + “obviously we have to make Season 2 now.” Hope you’re listening, Netflix.