Becca Rose
October 07, 2017 12:13 pm
The CW

The cast of Riverdale stopped by the Tonight Show to talk with Jimmy Fallon about the upcoming second season of their show. And we learned a few things. Both about the series, and about Cole Sprouse’s Jughead beanie.

First of all, it’s adorable how much Jimmy Fallon geeks out talking with them. But did any secrets get revealed about season two? Well, some tiny spoilers might have been leaked, but the most important knowledge the cast imparted was about Jughead.

Specifically, Cole Sprouse only has a single beanie that he wears while in costume.

And he brought it to lend to Jimmy for the segment! However, his castmates had some warnings for Jimmy as he put it on his head. Namely, “don’t smell it!”

Is it a commitment to the character? Maybe it’s Cole’s small way of method acting. But wait.

Turns out, there was a second beanie at some point, but it went missing under suspicious circumstances.

In case you don’t watch Riverdale, Sprouse wears his crown-shaped beanie in every single scene. Even when he’s wearing a suit.

We’re assuming that Lili Reinhart has to deal with the beanie aroma the most, because she plays Jughead’s love interest on the show. We’d trust her advice on the smell.

Any other news about season 2?

Well, Jimmy revealed that there’s a motorcycle in the next season. He got early access to the premiere episode, so he’s an insider at this point. The cast also revealed that two people end up in the hospital in the first episode alone. Sounds like Riverdale‘s going to be in for some big shakeups right away this season! Do you have any bets on who ends up injured? And if you haven’t binged the first season yet, take Jimmy Fallon’s advice and get on that ASAP.

We can’t wait for Riverdale to return.