Channing Sargent
December 18, 2016 11:12 am

SNL brilliantly parodied a scene from Love Actually that we feel the entire country must see. You know that scene where recently-married man’s best friend shows up at his front door and serenades his brand new wife with his own declaration of love? Yeah, that one, where dude is all creeping on his best friend’s wifey? Where dude is effectively betraying his BEST FRIEND?!

The scene is actually totally appropriate to what’s going on with our country right now, and the decision the electors have to make. Like, as if the electors are the woman who just seriously married the wrong the man. And Hillary Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) is standing outside our door just wanting to tell them her innermost truth.

Hi, it’s me. Hillary Clinton.

Hill initially shows up and tries to share her whole backstory, but Cecily Strong, as the wife, tells her to hurry it along.  Hillary flips through the middle chunk of cards that list her many accomplishments. Senator, Secretary of State, whatever whatever. Apparently not important.

Let me just say that…because it’s Christmas…

McKinnon then talks about how the final electoral vote is tomorrow (yes, TOMORROW tomorrow,) and there’s a few things electors must keep in mind.

And then she slowly, methodically slips through all the things PEOTUS  has done already that are on the questionable side.

The list is so long, she had to make an expanding card.

We can’t blame SNL for making one last plea for the electors to reconsider their voting for tomorrow. We don’t know which hiking trail Hillary Clinton is currently on at the moment, but we bet she’d agree with the sentiment of the sketch.

Watch the whole thing below:

Let’s all hope Clinton can walk away from that door saying, “enough now.”