Benedict Cumberbatch
Credit: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Last night, Benedict Cumberbatch hosted SNL and it was just as perfect as you could imagine. There were lots of goofy, silly sketches that made great use of the Dr. Strange star’s perfect delivery and serious charm. There was, however, one that stood out as our total favorite, mostly because it was relevant to our interests.

It was a game show-style sketch called “Why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?”

Our first thought, of course, was “how do you not know that?” But of course, the premise of the sketch perfectly answers that question.

In the sketch, Beck Bennett hosts the show with Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, and Benedict Cumberbatch as contestants. Bennett demands they explain why they think Benedict Cumberbatch is hot. Bayer and Bryant can, of course, only answer in weird babbling and noises.

Because, duh! Benedict Cumberbatch was standing right there!

When Bennett turns to Benedict for an answer, Benedict, of course, goes full Cumberbatch and explains that he doesn’t actually think of himself as hot, but other people say he is. So, of course, it’s just Benedict being his classic humble and down-to-earth self. Swoon!

Cumberbatch then tells Bennett that he actually thinks that HE is the hot one, and that’s when Bennett totally nails why Cumberbatch is hot in what is a spot on explanation and the perfect punch line for the sketch.

We could write it out for you, but it’s not going to give Bennett’s delivery justice, so it’s better if you just watch it:

This sketch is so hilarious, because we so get it. Yes, Cumberbatch isn’t “classically” handsome, but why would we want him to be? He’s so much better as himself!

We’re just glad that he finally convinced Beck Bennett!

If you need more Benedict Cumberbatch in your life (because come on, of course you do) go check out Dr. Strange, which is playing in theaters now! And watch the whole SNL sketch below: