Rachel Paige
Updated March 24, 2017
John P. Fleenor/HBO

At long last, we’re finally only a few weeks away from our favorite HBO motley crew returning to our television screens! Oh, but we’re not talking about Game of Thrones. There’s another wonderful group of comrades, sticking together through thick and thin — but thankfully, the guys of Pied Piper don’t have to deal with any white walkers (yet).

In just one month, Silicon Valley will return for what is sure to be another hilarious season of tech hijinx. If you can’t actually wait that long for Richard, Erlich, Gilfoyle, Dinesh, and Jared to come back into your life, you can actually pick them up right now — in the form of Funko Pop!s

Like so many of our other favorite television shows, Silicon Valley has gotten the Funko treatment and we’re going to need all of these for our own workspace.

Each guy is sporting their ~signature~ look, with Richard and Jared both wearing Pied Piper paraphernalia (no one is ever going to be able to get Jared out of that jacket). Erlich, meanwhile, has on his Aviato shirt, and Gilfoyle is dressed as, well, Gilfoyle. And if you’re wondering, yes, Dinesh is rocking his gold chain.

Funko / HBO

While we’ve still got to wait till April 23th for Silicon Valley, you can snag these Pop!s right now in the HBO shop. We just can’t guarantee that they’ll be good at playing always blue!