american horror story
Credit: FX

Welp. Looks like a lot of people just lost their “Soul Survivor in the MurdeR House” office pool. There was an absolutely shocking death on tonight’s American Horror Story, and not only was it completely unexpected, but it was also someone we were NOT expecting. Spoilers ahead for “Chapter 8,” and so sorry to everyone who had their money on this soul survivor.

Throughout the run of American Horror Story: Roanoke, dear sweet (and also super shifty) Shelby has been on our radar for a few reasons. During the “My Roanoke Nightmare” portion of the season, she had little to no emotions and reactions to the hell she endured living in Roanoke. We also maybe thought she was a witch. So when it came time to “Return to Roanoke” our money was on her to be the soul survivor. Also because maybe she’s a witch.

Welll…you can probably guess where this is going.

Credit: FX

During “Chapter 7,” Shelby catches her estranged husband, Matt, getting it on with the OG Supreme in the basement. Shelby is not happy. So, Shelby kills Matt by beating him to death with a crowbar. It was a complete crime of passion, and Shelby basically snapped. Looking back on her actions, she 1,000,000% regrets them because Matt was the only man she ever loved.

In “Chapter 8,” Shelby and Dominic try to escape through the tunnels in the house, and Shelby finds herself having to look at Matt’s lifeless body again. This sends her into a complete tailspin and she slowly starts to fall apart. After she and Dominic find safety in the upstairs (and so far, only) bathroom in the house, Shelby realizes that she can’t live with herself after what she’s done.

So, once again, not making the best decision in the heat of the moment, Shelby slits her own throat and OMG.

IT WASN’T EVEN A GHOST THAT KILLED SHELBY! IT WAS SHELBY! Honestly, for Shelby, we should have expected she’d be the one to take her own life. But Shelby! Noooooooo!

We’re very sad to see Shelby go, because we liked rooting for her, and also because we’re still pretty sure she was a witch.