Rachel Paige
January 10, 2017 11:07 am
Courtesy of Ollie Upton/Hartswood Films & MASTERPIECE

During “The Lying Detective,” Sherlock Holmes throws it out there as simply a passing comment: Everyone gives up after three. He’s talking about the fact that while in the hospital, Culverton Smith manages to find three different recording devices in Sherlock’s coat, but Sherlock’s actually hidden four. Come on, did you ever doubt that Sherlock could be even *smarter* than the smartest person in the room?

Obviously, this passing comment was just a passing comment, a remake that Sherlock made just to show Smith that he’s actually the man to beat. But then again…this is Sherlock, and this passing comment might actually point to something much bigger. Fans are now in a tizzy because this could mean there’s a secret fourth episode of Sherlock out there.

Way to jump to Sherlock conclusions, huh?

The number three has come up A LOT over the past few years with Sherlock, and notable mentions include the Season 3 episode, “The Sign of Three,” the brand new revelation that there are actually three Holmes siblings. It’s not like Sherlock to just make a comment to make a comment, and the remark, “everyone gives up after three,” could mean that there’s actually another Holmes sibling, making it four children (Because, what even IS Sherrinford?).

Or, you know, a secret fourth episode. TBH, we like this last idea a little bit better.

Here’s the thing: Sherlock is still one of the most popular shows on the planet, but, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are in high demand. We had to wait three long years for a brand new season of Sherlock, and do we really want to wait three more? The idea that this season is the last season of the show is a very real threat. And what better way to go out with a huge bang than by dropping one last episode to wrap up all loose ends on the show?

Twitter is pretty much convinced this is happening.

This would be a pretty BIG thing to drop on us at the very last second, considering there’s literally no indication that this is happening. But, you know what they say, everyone gives up after three — unless you’re Sherlock Holmes.