Credit: BBC

The game is FINALLY afoot again, because we’ve got our first real, full-length trailer for Sherlock Season 4.

Let’s also go ahead and break the bad news first: it’s not coming until 2017.

Something’s coming. Maybe it’s Moriarty, maybe it’s not,” Sherlock Holmes wonders aloud in the trailer, and if you remember at the end of Season 3 (and also at the end of the holiday special, “The Abominable Bride”) he’s brought back from his “exile” to try and stop WHATEVER’S coming. Moriarty appears to be back, even though we saw him die — but can the *idea* of him ever truly go away?

It also appears as if the action and adventure has been kicked up a dozen notches for Season 4. The trailer packs in a TON of fight scenes, explosions, a car chase, and Sherlock looking hella worried. Whatever’s back, Moriarty or not, it’s testing everyone — Holmes himself, Jon, Mary, Molly, even Mrs. Hudson!! — and it’s pushing them to their limits.

Come on, Sherlock has got scruff. This is not the clean-shaven and put together high-functioning sociopath we’re used to seeing. The pressure of trying to save the world (mostly London) appears to finally be getting to him.

Check out the trailer above, and let the very long wait until 2017 begin.