Rachel Paige
January 03, 2017 10:27 am

There’s one big question plaguing everyone about Sherlock Season 4: Is Moriarty alive? Though we saw him kill himself on the rooftop with Sherlock at the end of Season 2, honestly, death has not stopped Sherlock characters from popping back up in London.

The end of Season 3 — and the one-off Sherlock Holiday special — also toyed with the fact that MAYBE Moriarty is alive. His spirit most certainly lives on, and even if he is dead, he’s still playing games with Sherlock(‘s heart). At the top of the Season 4 premiere, “The Six Thatchers,” even Sherlock admits that Moriarty is wafting through the air, and it FEELS like everything points back to this big bad.

Sherlock is not off on his hunch. A lot of things do relate back to Moriarty, and we’re probably going to see more of these connections to either him, or his London system, over the next two episodes. There was actually a huge Moriarty call-out during “The Six Thatchers,” but we were all grabbing our hearts too much to notice that it had happened.

But first, think back to the OG Moriarty case, where he was strapping bombs to unsuspecting victims all over London, forcing Sherlock to work as quick as he could to solve the assorted cases. Moriarty was talking to Sherlock via these people, so their words are Moriarty’s words, and just go back and watch “The Great Game.”

At one point, Moriarty says (via the dude), “Why does anyone do anything?”


And guess who also says that line in “The Six Thatchers?”


This isn’t really an odd statement to make, which is why it went completely over our heads on the first viewing. But, it might be a deliberate choice to make, and point to the fact that there’s a connection between Vivian Norbury and Moriarty.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all to learn that there’s a connection between Vivian, Moriarty, and A.G.R.A. (and, Mary). We’ll just have to wait and see.