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If we were in charge of television, new Sherlock episodes would roll out every single week, throughout the entire year, and the series would last for decades (if not more). However, that perfect Sherlock world does not exists, and instead we’re gifted three episodes every like…two years — if we’re lucky.

Anticipation is mounting for the return of Sherlock Holmes and his BFF John Watson, and Season 4 (or, Series 4, if you will) will air sometime in early 2017. And then, it’ll be time to restart the Sherlock clock, and put two more years on it to patiently wait for Season 5.

Earlier this year, co-creator and showrunner Steven Moffant explained to the Telegraph that, “I don’t know how long we can keep it going.” At the time we were like, yeah, okay, we get it, Sherlock is hard to make, but they’ll DEFINITELY be more later on, duh.

Well now, Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, is echoing that statement and we’re going to politely give a “hard pass” to everything he’s saying.

No. This does not compute.

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Nope, nope, nope [sticks fingers in ears] LA LA LA not hearing this!!

At least Cumberbatch finishes up by explaining, “The idea of never playing him again is really galling.” AND YEAH IT IS. But honestly, what stings most is that now we’ve got both Moffat and Cumberbatch strongly suggesting that this is the end of Sherlock’s era. Even though we’ve literally had two years to prepare for this, we’re still not ready.

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