Credit: FX

It appears as if the “My Roanoke Nightmare” part of this season’s American Horror Story is coming to an end. Maybe…? Actually, who knows? There’s supposedly going to be a ~big twist~ in this week’s episode, and it might mean we never have to go back to the Roanoke Murde House every again. …maybe?

That’s sad for a few reasons, one of them being that we’ll no longer get to see Shelby and Matt freaking the F out over just about everything happening to them in their house, in the woods around their house, in the underground cellar in their backyard, etc. However, just because we’re leaving Roanoke doesn’t mean we can’t relive the great moments over and over again, like with a super cut of Shelby yelling.

Cut together by YouTuber AHS/SQ Latino, we’ve got Shelby yelling “MAAAAATT” a glorious twenty times over the course of 15 seconds. This is very reminiscent of that other supercut inspired by a Ryan Murphy show, “David Schwimmer says Juice a lot.”

Is it weird — or just right? — that Cuba Gooding Jr. has now played both of these ~iconic~ one-syllable parts, with a name that gets yelled a lot?

Even though we might not end back up at the Murde House, we’ll always have MAAAAAAAAATT.