Rachel Paige
Updated Oct 21, 2016 @ 6:22 am
Credit: FX, HelloGiggles

Many Blood Moons ago (okay, one Blood Moon ago) we happened to notice that Shelby on American Horror Story was wearing two necklaces around her heck. One of them appeared to be an M, the other an S, for both her and Matt, obviously. This caught our attention because we first noticed it during Episode 2, “Chapter 2,” which is the episode we learn that Bridget and Miranda are murdering people BASED ON LETTERS.

It just seemed like an odd, and also deliberate, choice for her character. Sure, go ahead and wear whatever letter charms you want — but maybe don’t do it when M is for Matt and also for Murder, you know?

Credit: FX, HelloGiggles

In “Chapter 6” of American Horror Story, we saw the nurses finally murder their last letter (WHY RORY, WHY??), but that’s not the big letter question we have right now: It appears as if Shelby is wearing a third necklace now.

And yes, Shelby is allowed to wear however many necklaces she wants, it’s fine. But it’s the fact that we know her M and S necklaces clearly have some sort of sentimental value to her and her husband, so she’s not just going to start wearing another random one if it doesn’t mean something.

Credit: FX, HelloGiggles

After lots of zooming and enhancing, it really looks like it’s the letter L…and L is for Lee! JK, doubtful that Shelby is wearing an L necklace for Lee, seeing as how her and Lee still do not get along present day.

The bigger question is still what this necklace represents. Might Shelby and Matt have had a baby we don’t know about? (From what we can gather about the timeline, these events took place in 2014, and then the show was filmed in 2015, and now it’s 2016). Or, just like the nurses, might Shelby be collecting tokens from those she’s murdered?

JK, Shelby hasn’t murdered anyone…that we know of…yet.