In honor of the last ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars, all of the stars got matching tattoos on their fingers. But it turns out that Shay Mitchell did not want the Pretty Little Liars tattoo at all. No, no, it’s not like she was trying to ditch the crew, Mitchell told Teen Vogue it was just about being reasonable. Sort of like she was channeling Emily’s mom in the show. You know Mrs. Fields would ground TF out of her for getting a tattoo. If anything, she might have still been in character. She told Refinery29 in an an exclusive interview with the cast that she didn’t want to mark up her “Sssshhhhh finger.”

We totally feel her, ahem, pain.

But we’re glad she went through with it. The Instagram picture just wouldn’t have been the same without her.

The final days on set were super emotional for the women, and that tattoo was just one more thing they did to never forget Rosewood. According to the cast, they each got a Rosewood High yearbook — filled, of course, with pictures of them on set and of the show, not an actual high school yearbook (did they ever even graduate?!).

It is really sad that the show is ending, but Mitchell assured viewers that the final episodes are a “love letter to the fans.” And Troian Bellisario promises that we’ll all be “happy” with the ending and that “a lot of relationship goals” will be achieved.

Hmmm, could that mean Emily and Ali finally just get together? We’ll just have to wait and see.