Briana Hansen
Updated January 12, 2017 8:48 am

Even though the holiday season may technically be over, we’ve just been handed a major gift. Our beloved FX show, American Horror Story, has been renewed for a season 8 and 9.

Earlier in the year, we got the happy news about a season 7 of the show.

And we were already speculating and excited about how the latest season may tie into the previous ones. And, of course, we wondered which of our favorite perennial AHS actors would be making appearances in the new season.

But this exciting renewal news means that we can keep speculating and theorizing about the show through ~at least~ 2019.

According to Deadline, the CEO of FX, John Landgraf, is very excited about the upcoming installments of the show.

Every season of AHS has been totally groundbreaking storytelling that shatters all the conventional rules of television while giving us serious goosebumps in the process.

And we’re grateful we’ll be getting even more of these “cultural events” in the future. Not to mention we get to witness *killer* performances from our favorite actors, which is super exciting.

We don’t yet know what to expect from these upcoming seasons of AHS. Maybe the plots will be total surprises like AHS: Roanoke. Or maybe they’ll go back to their roots like Murder House and tell us exactly what to expect, only to have tons of surprises hiding around every creepy corner.

No matter what direction the critically acclaimed show decides to take, we have no doubt it will be spine-tinglingly wonderful.